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Good News!

We are not PREGNANT!  (In addition to enjoying my capitalization decisions, I would like to take a moment to note that whenever a young married couple has good news that has nothing to do with procreation, it can be, for many, disappointing good news.  My good news, alas, is of this type.)

First, I got a job at Habitat for Humanity International, and I am about to finish my first week.  I’m the new CEO.  Seriously, they were all very impressed with my community organizing skills and lightning-quick reflexes. Or, I’m working in the office of the CEO as a Strategic Planning Intern (fortunately it’s a paid position) tasked with, you guessed it, working on their new 5-year strategic plan.  But I do love my endearingly ambiguous plaque.

I am very excited about the job and the people I am working with.  I enjoy how intelligent everyone is, how fast-paced everything is, the enormous amount of talent and experience at the table, and the incredible responsibility; it’s great.  It can also be overwhelming.  Pray for me.  I sometimes sense I am drinking water from a fire hose.  Habitat is a huge and complex organization.  But I seem to have found some footing today, and I think that, in addition to learning a lot and making great connections, I might have one or two things to contribute.  Also, attempting to drink from a fire hose sounds like something I would try.  : )

Secondly, two weeks before I got the Habitat job, I signed a traditional contract with a prominent literary agent.  I am very excited about that as well.  He has been in the business a long time, knows what he is doing, and I trust him.  He is going to be able to open some doors for me, and he has already helped me sharpen my proposal.

Thanks for all those who have been so supportive over the past year.  We really appreciate it.  Though I expect to stay busy, I hope to keep posting on a weekly basis (maybe Wednesday mornings?), but we will see if that happens.  This blog is a good outlet for my vast nerdlike tendencies.  A post of epic proportions has been brewing in the recesses of my mind which connects Malcolm Gladwell, Guns Germs and Steel, and Michelle Bachman.  We’ll see what comes of that!

In other news: Alicia is really loving her classes; she is swamped with different development projects, and she and I just celebrated 3 years of marriage!  Also, we will be in Buffalo Oct. 20th to 23rd.