Good News!

We are not PREGNANT!  (In addition to enjoying my capitalization decisions, I would like to take a moment to note that whenever a young married couple has good news that has nothing to do with procreation, it can be, for many, disappointing good news.  My good news, alas, is of this type.)

First, I got a job at Habitat for Humanity International, and I am about to finish my first week.  I’m the new CEO.  Seriously, they were all very impressed with my community organizing skills and lightning-quick reflexes. Or, I’m working in the office of the CEO as a Strategic Planning Intern (fortunately it’s a paid position) tasked with, you guessed it, working on their new 5-year strategic plan.  But I do love my endearingly ambiguous plaque.

I am very excited about the job and the people I am working with.  I enjoy how intelligent everyone is, how fast-paced everything is, the enormous amount of talent and experience at the table, and the incredible responsibility; it’s great.  It can also be overwhelming.  Pray for me.  I sometimes sense I am drinking water from a fire hose.  Habitat is a huge and complex organization.  But I seem to have found some footing today, and I think that, in addition to learning a lot and making great connections, I might have one or two things to contribute.  Also, attempting to drink from a fire hose sounds like something I would try.  : )

Secondly, two weeks before I got the Habitat job, I signed a traditional contract with a prominent literary agent.  I am very excited about that as well.  He has been in the business a long time, knows what he is doing, and I trust him.  He is going to be able to open some doors for me, and he has already helped me sharpen my proposal.

Thanks for all those who have been so supportive over the past year.  We really appreciate it.  Though I expect to stay busy, I hope to keep posting on a weekly basis (maybe Wednesday mornings?), but we will see if that happens.  This blog is a good outlet for my vast nerdlike tendencies.  A post of epic proportions has been brewing in the recesses of my mind which connects Malcolm Gladwell, Guns Germs and Steel, and Michelle Bachman.  We’ll see what comes of that!

In other news: Alicia is really loving her classes; she is swamped with different development projects, and she and I just celebrated 3 years of marriage!  Also, we will be in Buffalo Oct. 20th to 23rd.

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10 responses to “Good News!

  • Ben Lipscomb

    Great news on all counts, Jer. Keep us posted, on book and work (and babies), whenever you turn out of the stream, wipe off your face, and catch your breath.

  • Alexander Lipnicki

    That picture is very confusing. Noice!

  • Linda

    Joy, joy! My heart was full and my face smiling as I heard your vm yesterday with the basics of what you expanded on in this post. I see not only the good fruit of a long season of sowing good seed, but the seemingly endless times of relative dormancy and the whole waiting game until this blooming. So, I not only see the outcome, but the quality of your wisdom in the season that was speckled with question marks. God was using you, networking, building, preparing, and you handled it well in the variety of experiences. And so now, yes, the world of Jer all has reason to rejoice in His provision….and a CEO at that! HH is an organization that is well respected worldwide and a nice compliment to Alicia’s goals. An announcement that you are expecting will also make me do a happy dance, but for now, this old mom does a jolly jig cause I couldn’t be more proud. Way to go,…way to wait….way to walk.

  • Abbie Mosebrook

    Hey Jer! Glad to hear that a more permanent position has been found. I always thought you’d make a good CEO! 🙂 And crafting strategic plans can be very interesting. I enjoy reading your nerdy posts as well as any sort of personal posts. It seems that you and Alicia are doing well and I’m glad to hear that!

  • Shannon

    Hooray!!! In addition to enjoying your word choices throughout this blog post, I also enjoyed the content of it. And while I do not want to suggest that you curb your nerd-like tendencies or cease to express them in appropriate ways, I humbly suggest the following: 1 weekly nerdy post and 1 weekly personal post. Because though your blog tells me “Who cares about daily life? Its so…’daily'” – I happen to care about your daily life and all it’s dailiness. Also, quite honestly, I am actually more excited about your news than if your news had been the traditional pregnancy announcement. I mean, as much as I look forward to Josiah and Daniel having a cousin (or 6), it seems like it might just complicate a few things at this point. 🙂 (Though really, if your next blog post announces that you’re pregnant, I will be tremendously happy!) Ok. I look forward to updates about how you are changing the world one strategic planning decision at a time. After all, you are CEO.

    • JDW Clifton

      What’s probably more likely is that I am just bad at doing the daily life thing. Alicia will ask, “How was your day?” and I’ll just draw a blank. But I think your point is a good one and I will think on it. I probably won’t do one personal update a week, but one every once in a while, more than I have been doing, is certainly appropriate. Hey, have fun in on the Formosa!

      • Shannon

        Or maybe we should just skype more often! And really, your brother has had to learn to work very hard to remember the details of his dailiness. 🙂 He has even taken notes a few times when he knew I would be pestering him with questions!

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