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My Finest Hour

Some friends of mine have an incredibly cute 2 year old son.  In fact, he’s got a talent agent, and marketing people want to use him in super duper cute kiddy commercials.  Being good, conscienteous parents, my friends are a little worried about scarring or frightening their boy.  These are undoubtedly legitimate feelings, but I want to reassure them: a tear or two is well worth being able to do what I am now doing right now!

Jer in Taiwanese Huggies Commercial, 1987

Jer in Taiwanese Huggies commercial, 1987

I was an objectively cute kid.  I’m sure you readers out there think that you were cute, I am sure your mothers agreed, but were you Mr. Huggies Taiwan, 1987?  I didn’t think so.  That is because they only take the best of the best…which is me, in case that was not clear.

Also please note:

  • The finger in the belly button.  
  • The red dotted box drawing your attention to the extra-fluffy crotch portion.