Seriously, who is making these decisions to allow stutterers on the air? : )

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9 responses to “Fox&Friends

  • Linda Clifton McCormick

    Dear Son,

    I continue to share your story with those at at a distance and those who come to me for my services….they have to see my son before I will take care of them. And they all love it, and you for the statement you made which is the statement you are…..”the greatest is love”….. proud to be your mom….

  • Shirley. Kennedy


    Glad to see you made it out of another adventure in one piece! Now they are becoming TV events!!

    Also glad to see your great confidence in front of the national news camera!! I’ll take a tiny, tiny, tiny sliver of the credit for that as your former English teacher.

    You made us ALL who have had a part in your life very proud!!

    The Lord continue to bless and watch over you and yours,
    Mrs. Kennedy

  • Jon


    That man you saved is a close friend of mine. I want to personally thank you for saving his life. You are a great example of good Carma and understanding that we ALL make stupid decisions, and to help on another in any way we can no matter what the circumstances.

    God bless.


  • JDW Clifton

    LOL. I’m totally stuttering in the freezed shot.

  • Shannon

    That was super duper great!!

  • Margaret

    Jer, I have thoroughly enjoyed following this story from the day you posted it and really enjoyed watching this clip as well. I loved hearing what you had to say on the air, and I’m so glad you said it! You’re awesome!

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