If you had 5 minutes in front of 2 million people, what would you say?

Since Thursday, it looked like life was getting back to normal and things were calming down.  Life lied.  This afternoon I was contacted by a producer at Fox&Friends, and I am scheduled to be on their show Tuesday morning 6:30ish (they should give me details tomorrow).

Fox & Friends is the highest rated morning news show in the nation with almost 2 million viewers a day.  As a firm believer in the transformative power of ideas, this is an incredible opportunity, and it gets me thinking: If you had five minutes in front of 2 million people, what would you say?  Your thoughts and advice is welcome.

Who knows what will happen?  Maybe I’ll stutter on my name the entire time.  But I am leaning away from any personal plugs like finding work, a publisher, etc.  Clearly, I will talk about the event itself, but I hope to get through that fairly quickly.  What I really want to talk about is the broader meaning for this entire category of events–what these sorts of stories say about each other, what they say about our national dialogue, how they point to a common love and compassion which undergirds our society and entreats us to hold each other in high regard, to respect each other, even our enemies.

Ok, maybe I won’t change the world with this interview, but maybe maybe I might help one person esteem their spouse more.  If so, I win.

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11 responses to “If you had 5 minutes in front of 2 million people, what would you say?

  • Debbie Clifton-Hill

    Awesome interview!! You hero, you!! Thankful YOU are OK too!! xoxo

  • JDW Clifton

    Thanks. I have not see it yet. Don’t know how to get it. Dude, I got to philosophize on Foxnews!!!

  • DB

    Just saw the segment on F&F. Great interview, Jer. Well done.

  • Tim Watkins

    Hey Jer, all i can say is ” way to go”, I am proud of you, as is my whole family.we will be praying for you, and the good Lord will get you thru the interviews, and the message you need to spread. Take care, Tim W.

  • JDW Clifton

    The producer just called. I’m to be on at 6:20AM.

  • Linda Clifton McCormick

    Dear son,
    I know the stuttering potential is a real concern. Thank God you didn’t “stutter” when deciding whether or not to reach out to Wes, it was just how. I’m confident that your heart will come thru and your speech can’t distract from that message. Bill and I and many of your friends and family are supporting you in prayer and it will be a blessing to all. Relax, breathe, trust the God who delivered you last week hasn’t changed….He’ll be there tomorrow at Fox…….love you so much. mom

  • Cary

    You know, you started this blog at just the right moment. No accident.

  • Cary

    Yes, I think you are going in the right direction in your thinking. Resist the temptation to use this for personal gain or credit. Ask God what He wants for you to do with this opportunity.
    Fox wants this because it is an “uplifting human interest” story and will want to go the “what a nice thing you did” track. My advice is don’t take yourself very seriously, be light-hearted but have down the bigger meaning of what you want to say, and be able to say it in 5-10 seconds. Be armed, and enjoy it!

  • Lester

    I would give them the gospel. And the gospel isn’t only about God’s love. Its about God creating the world and therefore having complete authority over it. Its about a perfectly just and righteous God that demands atonement for sin. For true believers, God will look at Christ instead of sin and they will spend eternity with Him. For unbelievers, that means hell.

    Not wanting someone to die and go to hell is what should motivate you to risk yourself for their life.

    • Nick

      Hey, doesn’t that mean you would let a True Believer die on the tracks? Or at least be -less- likely to help them? (read: that’s twisted. get help.) o.O

      I second Cary’s advice. :] Prepare to be a talking head.

    • truebeliever

      not wanting someone to die, ALONE, should be what motivates you to risk your life for someone. a person’s beliefe/religion shouldn’t factor into whether you’re going to make a split second decision to risk your life in saving someone.

      or you could just convert them while they were on the tracks so if there’s no time to save them, his soul would be saved…

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