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Choices Make Us Lose

When I got married, I thought that one of the main benefits of mairrage would be that I would only have to make 1/2 the decisions.  This hypothesis was erroneous.

I think I hate making decisions so much because it is so tiring and also because Americans are particularly adept at it.  Americans seem to have a plethora of opinions on the tiniest things.  So we have hundreds of types of cereal, cookies, lawnmowers, milk, etc.

One of my professors gives a TED talk and gives his theory he calls, “the paradox of choice,”  he has also written a book.  You should watch, and do your best to ignore the oversized shirt, shorts, and high socks.

One of the implications of the downside of choice that I want to talk to Schwartz about is how third culture kids deal with the choices that they make in constructing their own culture.  Of course, they (we) will fail to construct a perfect culture.  We will behave irrationally in a variety of ways, have nobody to blame but ourselves, and feel guilty about the choice in a way that Schwartz talks about.  We think we could have made a better choice just like we could have bought a better pair of jeans.

Either way, maybe cutting more choice out of my life would be a good idea…