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Political Links

I watch politics like its intellectual football, and people often ask me where I get my news.  I get my news from many sources, but these six are actually on my bookmark bar in Safari.  I visit all of them 1-3 times a day.

  1. Politico:  My favorite.  They are usually the first to pick up a new story and they tend to be pretty blanced, but like all media they sensationalize everything.
  2. CNN Political Ticker: This gives play by play throughout the day.
  3. NYT: Leans a little left, but it gives details where others give sound bites.
  4. The White House: Though always propaganda-ish, it’s nice to hear it sometimes straight from the horse’s mouth.  I also like looking at the picture albums.  I enjoy the cult of power, which I’m sure plays a role in why I like the West Wing so much.  And it’s NOT just because I like Obama.  I checked out this website just as much when GWB was president.
  5. Wikipedia News: I am not sure if I am ashamed our proud to say that this is always my starting point for worldwide news.
  6. Real Clear Politics: My most right-leaning of bookmarked sites.  RCP mainly links to other articles.  They also have lots of good polls and average polling data.