TMI on Jer

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  • A E Pasquino

    Reading your analysis of Trump supporters vs. various control groups. (Which makes Trump supporters a classic out-of-control group.) Anger does a lot of things to people, including making them less rational, making them wish for things rational people won’t wish for. Of course we understand the rational racists who like him, but what about the women who like him and the people of color who like him? There is a strain of “it won’t happen to me” that runs through this crowd, I think. They are angry, they are hurting, they want a strong leader who will hurt people they believe deserve it, people they believe are hurting them. They believe that Trump will hurt other people and not them. They want a dictator who will do what they want done; which means they believe the dictator they help elect will take dictation from them. They hate other politicians because they’ve been unable to do exactly what they’ve promised; which means they don’t realize that politicians promise to try and generally it’s their opponents who prevent them from succeeding. (I.e. Obama’s eight years facing absolute nullification by the former Confederacy.) A lot of illogic, a lot of anger, a lot of frustration. They are enthusiastically supporting the party that has been degrading their standard of living. The order they see in the universe isn’t delivering the justice they deserve but they still believe there is order. I wish they were able to comprehend that the order that is frustrating them is something called The Rule of Accumulated Advantage, whereby advantages leverage each other benefiting the most advantaged while disadvantages compound each other to the frustration of the least advantaged. They seem attracted to the will o the wisp charm which all con men use, associated with quick riches, secret tricks, fake sincerity, false promises, they are attracted by vendettas the con man promises to carry out on their behalf.

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