My Wife is a Master of…

…Development Practice.  Hell yeah!  Emory University says so, “the Harvard of the South.”   She graduated a few weeks ago and I neglected to post about it.  At first it was raining, and there were about 3,000 people in suits and dresses frowning and upset out on the quad, straining to see what was going on, and getting wet.  It made me happy.  I love weather!  But then the sun came up and everyone was happy.   Us too.

I am very proud of her.

Also, before I left the States some classmates and friends rafted 5 miles on Class III and IV rapids on the Ocoee River, the same river that was used for the slalom kayack races for the 1996 summer Olympics. Cool!  It was my first time to raft so they let me ride up front.  It was quite possibly the best thing ever.

I do apologize for all these obnoxiously personal posts.  Very soon I will get back to my intellectual adventures.  There is much to discuss!

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